The Legs

The bike trail runs along 8 townships of the Imperia province: the small and picturesque Ligurian village of San Lorenzo al Mare, Santo Stefano al Mare and Riva Ligure, the coastal stretch belonging to the municipalities of Cipressa and Costarainera and the modern and popular tourist destinations Arma di Taggia, Ospedaletti and Sanremo, the latter famous for its casino and major events being held since the 1900s such as the Italian song festival, the Milano-San Remo cycling race and the Flower Parade Corso Fiorito.

From the track all these places along the coastline can be accessed and visited, only the villages of Costarainera and Cipressa are located about 200 meters above sea level but can be reached by bike when following the road “Strada Provinciale 45” (SP45) from San Lorenzo al Mare (coming from the east of the bike track) which also forms part of the famous cycling race Milano-San Remo. While each of the places above are worth visiting, including the track in your holidays will bring you closer to discover the real beauty of the countryside.