Riva Ligure

Between the sea and mountains – the bike path in the heart of Riva Ligure.


Leaving behind the village Santo Stefano, the bike path now leads smoothly to yet another wonderful place on the coast: Riva Ligure. A quiet coastal community dividing the mediterranean sea and the mountains, this is a very interesting destination for tourists especially for its mild climate, getting always a little warmer then the rest of the area. The typical colors of a seatown, the fishermens houses overlooking the promenade and the constant chaotic life of the people are the distinguishing features of Riva Ligure.


Discover the life in Riva Ligure


The bike path leads right into the village whose history is marked by the presence of the Benedictine monks who, right here, began to cultivate the land, slowly expanding from their basis in the backcountry and the mountains.

Riva Ligure with its narrow streets that lead tourists into the heart of the town. Here the biggest attraction is definitely the port where the old fishing boats and modern yachts float peacefully next to each other in the waters lapping against the harbour walls.
Continuing the tour of Riva Ligure you can’t fail to come across the watchtower with a square plan dating back to the sixteenth century, the shrine of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio and the parochial church in which art lovers can admire several sculptures by Anton Maria Maragliano.

Before returning on the bike path and continue to your next destination you can have a look on the elegant palace of the Marquis Carrega now home to the Town Hall. Riva Ligure seems almost cut in half by the old railroad so cars and pedestrians are forced to deal with numerous railway crossings or narrow underpasses. The railway affected this area so much that some stretches of coastline were once basically inaccessible.


The Riva Ligure leg – all you need to know about this stretch of the bike path



In Riva Ligure the bike path crosses fields and streets in this particular area that make up something like a border between the historic center of the town and its surroundings. This part of the track is very special because it crosses two typical Ligurian villages nestling the coast and touching the blue waters of the Mediterranean.


The promenade of Riva Ligure, that seems to follow the bike path, is characterized by several open beaches and beaches equipped with all the facilities catering to tourists who flock the village during the summer months. The cycle path then reaches the end of Riva Ligure right next to the highway (SS1 Via Aurelia) where you can park your car and start discovering the bike path.