Santo Stefano al Mare

It’s a coastal municipality of the west Riviera with more than 2000 population units. The name derives from the patron saint. Thanks to the excellence of its Marina degli Aregai marina, the municipality gained Blue Flag status. The unique position gives to Santo Stefano al Mare a mild weather all the year: the summer isn’t too sultry (the temperature is below 30°C almost all the days) and the winter isn’t too hard (rarely the temperature is below 0°C).

Santo Stefano al Mare

Santo Stefano al Mare

The place to visit are: the XIII century Saint Stephen church and the XVII century Saint Christ oratory. The seafront, that coasts all the town, and the sandy beaches are very amusing.


  • Free beaches
  • Equipped beaches (during summer)
Aregai area in Santo Stefano al Mare

Aregai area in Santo Stefano al Mare

How to reach Santo Stefano al Mare:

  • From the bike path: directly from the path, in the II° Route.
  • By the highway: junction IMPERIA OVEST or ARMA DI TAGGIA, than the state highway Aurelia, way to Sanremo.
  • By train: railroad station of IMPERIA PORTO MAURIZIO, IMPERIA ONEGLIA or TAGGIA, then by RIVIERA TRASPORTI bus line to Sanremo.

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