Reaching the path

Reaching the path

The bike path extends through all the coast in between San Lorenzo al Mare and Ospedaletti, in the Imperia province. Besides the information in this page, we remind you to find more accurate information about the access in the pages reserved for the path.

How to reach the path by car:

  • The path is easily accessible in many places, near the Aurelia way. Check out the pages reserved for the path.
  • In the highway A10 Genova-Ventimiglia, the exits of Arma di Taggia (Towards Sanremo or Imperia) and of Imperia Ovest (towards San Lorenzo al Mare) are suggested.


  • SANREMO Ovest (West) – in Pian di Poma, “Corso G. Marconi” next to “Via Montà dei Guisci” – 90 places.
  • SANREMO Est (East)- in Bussana,  next to “Via al Mare” – 170 places.
  • ARMA DI TAGGIA – in Darsena, next to “Via Argine Destro” – 190 places.
  • SAN LORENZO AL MARE –  near ex railway station, next to “Via alla Stazione” – 120 places.

How to reach the path by train:

  • Arma di Taggia rail-road station, about 1,5 Km far from the path (bus service).
  • Sanremo rail-road station, about 1 Km far from the path.