Taggia is a municipality of the Imperia province which develop both towards the sea and inland. It’s divided in three parts: Arma, Taggia and Levà. Arma is linked to summer tourism, with his beaches and many seaside pubs. Taggia, the inland part, is the heart of the city: here there are the town hall, the historic centre with his buildings full of history. These two parts are linked by the Levà area, in which there are many industries, big shopping centres, the new railroad station and the road “Aurelia bis” to reach Sanremo starts here. Taggia is known even for the celebration, the last weekend of february, in honour of Saint Benedetto Revelli, one of the most ancient Ligurian celebration begun in 1626: the commemoration of the battle against Savoia in 1625, the historical setting, historical parade and the medieval market. There are also the furgari, in honour of Saint Benedetto Revelli in the second saturday of february, with many bonfires and wine cellars opened in the city, but the 2011 edition was cancelled for security reason.

Place to visit:

  • Miraculous Madonna Sanctuary, in the historic centre;
  • the 1675-1681 Basilica of Saint James and Saint Phillip where there are the remains of Saint Benedetto Revelli;
  • the 1460-1490 Convent of Saint Dominic, considered one of the biggest picture gallery of the ligurian pictorial school: inside, in addition to twelve altars, there are valuable pictorial works of art of various painter.


  • Free beaches;
  • Equipped beaches (during summer).

How to reach Taggia:

From the bike path: directly from the path in the III° Route.

By the highway: junction Arma di Taggia.

By train: railroad station of Taggia.