3. from Riva Ligure to Arma di Taggia

3. from Riva Ligure to Arma di Taggia


A10 highway, exit “Arma di Taggia”, way to Riva Ligure. There are both free car-parks and paid parking in the city centre, near the bike path.


Cycle hire

Bus route Riviera Trasporti Imperia-Sanremo (it isn’t possible to take bikes on buses)

The course

Length: about 2 km

Difficulty: easy

The access to the path is near the junction with the traffic light that leads to Riva Ligure. Near here on the seafront you can find car and motorbike park and refreshments. In the east direction the path leads to Santo Stefano al mare

(II° ROUTE). In the west direction the path directs to Arma di Taggia. The path runs parallel to the Aurelia way, in a slightly impervious and raw zone.

the path near Riva Ligure

the path near Riva Ligure

Once this part of the coast was almost unreachable because of the railway, and the waterside isn’t polished nor equipped.

Prati area

Prati area

At the end of the back straight the path is separated from the Aurelia way, and approaches to the town of Taggia, in Prati area. Here the path goes through cultivated lands arriving to a long bridge over Argentina stream, which it gives the name of the valley where is Taggia and his coastal part Arma di Taggia.

Passed the bridge, the path goes along the big level land which was once the Arma di Taggia railway yard, and passed the old rail-road station it enters in the population center and goes to the Bussana’s beaches area, a municipality of Sanremo.

the path in Arma di Taggia

the path in Arma di Taggia

The old rail-road station area is in the mid-town of Arma di Taggia and there are car park, shops and refreshments. Arma di Taggia is developed by the sea in the level land at the outpouring of the Argentina stream, has his small but considerable marina, a very long and beautiful pedestrian seafront that skirts his renowned sand beaches, and many sport facilities and resorts on the seashore.

From the railroad station the path continues to Bussana di Sanremo.


II° Route: from San Lorenzo al Mare to Aregai di Cipressa

IV° Route: from Bussana to Sanremo

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